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'Doing the journey has made me really consider how lucky I am. 

I could have gone so many ways but 

I am where I am now because of the guidance.'



10 week, online attendance course

Course materials included

Dietary Healing, using Food as Medicine

Food as a Medicine is your only real health insurance. Without this we do not heal. This course will give you the skills to reshape your future. The learning is centred around your own case, and will give you the answers to your health problems and show you how to fix them using food as medicine.


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5 week, online attendance course

Course templates included

Health Commons Ready Reckoner Program

A brilliant short course for people who are lost, struggling to find answers to their health problems, suffering from information overload or frustrated because nothing is working. We can show you how to get the answers you need, rapidly filter through treatments - choosing only those that will work for you.

Save time, money and effort -  & make  your journey possible.  

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Program - on hold

Pink Blossom


2 week, online attendance course

Processing emotions

Health is impacted through unprocessed emotions that have a nasty habit of festering. We need to find what it is that we need but never ask for. There are rarely more than three unmet needs that appear in different guises throughout our lives. Just being conscious of the need and making the request, brings flow into our lives and opens the door for kindness, understanding and joy.


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The Health Commons Ready Reckoner program follows four years of grounded research, including a one year teaching, monitoring and research program sponsored by QLD Australia Health Department's metro South, on behalf of the Minister for Health, the Hon Dr Steven Miles. Those who participated in our program were able to start taking the reins and make their journey a possibility. We found those who were willing to not only ask for what they needed but also willing to make incremental change - were the ones who succeeded.


Book in with me

If you have a tricky case, or a wicked problem, or if you just want to see what I can do for you then select your time and book in with me.

15 mins - A$70              30 mins - A$100           60 mins - A$150

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