'Doing the journey has made me really consider how lucky I am. 

I could have gone so many ways but 

I am where I am now because of the guidance.'

Health Commons®

Ready Reckoner Program 


Your roadmap to success

Cost: A$1,200


  • Personalised templates and surveys 

  • 6 x 1 hour online coaching sessions

  • Homework assessment and feedback

  • Access to video tutorials

  • Clinical insight and guidance in decision-making tailored to your requirements






If you have a tricky case, or a wicked problem, or if you just want to see what I can do for you then you can select your time below and book in with me.

or join our DIY courses  A$145

Group learning








Many people struggle to make their health journey a success.

No matter how much information you may have it may be worthless if you can’t join the dots to get a clear picture. And if you don’t have a clear picture, then how will you know if others are taking you in the right direction? You won’t, and you may continue to carry a health burden that could be solved.

Our courses & coaching packages help you unravel your journey and get others on board all heading in the same direction, no matter what your condition is, your symptoms or its causes. You'll know how good your plan is before you start your journey, which means you can start with confidence rather than uncertainty.


And then you'll start making your life better.


This learning is for people who want me and us to be in a better place than where we’re heading, individually and collectively, and who are able and willing to invest time and effort to learn and do something about it.

These programs are a perfect fit for self-advocates and for volunteer or professional advocates that want to help themselves or others navigate their journey.

Visit Health Commons 

to see our Ready Reckoner program. 

This program follows four years of grounded research, including a one year teaching, monitoring and research program sponsored by QLD Australia Health Department's metro South, on behalf of the Minister for Health, the Hon Dr Steven Miles. Those who participated in our program were able to start taking the reins and make their journey a possibility. We found those who were willing to not only ask for what they needed but also willing to make incremental change - were the ones who succeeded.

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Book in with me

If you have a tricky case, or a wicked problem, or if you just want to see what I can do for you then select your time and book in with me.

15 mins - A$70              30 mins - A$100           60 mins - A$150

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