'Doing the journey has made me really consider how lucky I am. 

I could have gone so many ways but 

I am where I am now because of the guidance.'

Health Commons®

Ready Reckoner Program 


Becoming a self-advocate

Cost: A$780

Cost covers

  • Preparation of individualised survey templates

  • 5 x 1 hour online training sessions

  • Homework assessment and personalised feedback

  • Access to video tutorials

  • Clinical insight and guidance in decision-making tailored to your requirements

Completion of this program is a pre-qualification for ongoing training to become a volunteer advocate, where you can support family, friends or associates, or a professional advocate, where you can offer this program to your clients.



Group learning








These programs are a perfect fit for self-advocates and for volunteer or professional advocates that want to help themselves or others navigate their journey.

If you are managing a chronic condition or cancer and you want to know what could work best for you, then our Health Commons Ready Reckoner programs will help you make sense of your case, build your strategy, fast-track your investigations and streamline your questions, enabling you to work out the odds of any treatment, combination of treatments or lifestyle changes, working for you.

Self-advocates who have done their own journey, will tell you there are no short cuts. It takes hours of research, hours to sift through and make sense of advice from multiple practitioners, and hours in trying to get to the point to feel sufficiently confident to move forward.

The Health Commons programs accelerate this process and help make the journey a possibility. 

The Health Commons programs are a life-time investment: they train for self-advocacy whether it is for you, or as a volunteer to help others, or as a professional to offer this service to your clients. 

The Health Commons® programs are treatment agnostic. They enable you to work out the odds of  any treatment, conventional, allied or alternative, on getting to where you want to be. We have found that the capacity by the patient to predict the odds of a chosen plan working for them underpins confidence and success. This program enables you to gain the skills to do just this, and rapidly filter through those treatment options which are most likely to take you to where you want to go. 

This program follows four years of grounded research, including a one year teaching, monitoring and research program sponsored by QLD Australia Health Department's metro South, on behalf of the Minister for Health, the Hon Dr Steven Miles. Those who participated in our program were able to start taking the reins and make their journey a possibility. We found those who were willing to not only ask for what they needed but also willing to make incremental change - were the ones who succeeded.

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