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'If we can share and learn from our collective experience about what has worked for us, then we can make a leap in building a better future.'

Kathryn Alexander

Researcher, patient advocate, teacher…..and much more!

With 30 years’ experience in the field, and having supported hundreds of patients with chronic disease and cancer on their journey to wellness, the patient has always come first: their experience, their hurdles and their choices. 


In 1986 I qualified as a Dietary Therapist, later as a naturopath – often working alongside conventional medicine, navigating each journey, learning the ropes and more about chronic disease, cancer and the health system than I could ever have imagined. The biggest wicked problem for all my patients was What is going to work best for me, with my condition, my circumstances and my preferences?


So, in 2005 I began my journey of developing a ready reckoner for patients that would allow them to rapidly filter through practitioners and treatments that could offer the most value in helping them get to where they wanted and needed to be. From these early beginnings the Smart Patient framework started to grow legs, and later in 2013, Smart Patient Journey Road Map was published. 


After four years of grounded research, including a one year teaching, monitoring and research program sponsored by QLD Australia Health Department’s Metro South, on behalf of the Minister for Health, the Hon Dr Steven Miles, we were able to pilot our Health Commons self-advocacy program where we witnessed unprecedented improvements in personal health journeys for those following the program. The research confirmed that the capacity to predict the probability or odds of a chosen plan working underpins confidence which is a key motivation for change.   


Our program is for anyone managing a chronic condition or cancer who wants to know what could work best for them. No matter how scant your medical knowledge is you will be able to become a self-advocate and make smart decisions that will take you to where you want to go.


Later this year we will be getting ready to launch the Health Commons Connect App which will be a platform for you to share and learn from each other’s experiences of what has worked for those with similar conditions and circumstances to yourself.


Please visit our sister site Health Commons and be part of reshaping how our healthcare works today so that we can bring security and hope back into health and foster an environment of care between patients and their practitioners.

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Health consumer advocate and health consumer trends
Kathryn Alexander

Health consumer advocate and health consumer trends


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