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'It's not the treatment that governs outcome; it's the patient's capacity to respond to that treatment.'

Kathryn Alexander

Booking a consultation

Let food be your medicine and medicine your food.


There are plenty of consultation options to choose from. If you need to just chat then you can book a slot with me using the calendar below. Or if you want me to take on your case and prescribe a dietary healing program then download the consultation form and send it to me. I can then set up an appointment time for you.  


What can I do for you?

In a world where the knowledge of what we need to do either doesn't exist, isn't available or apparent, I can make sense of your case and show you what to do and how to make your journey possible. Having the confidence and peace of mind, knowing that all your practitioners are on the same page, is invaluable. By structuring your case, and collating your available medical details, you will understand what these mean and what treatment options will take you to where you want to be.  


You will receive a diet program tailored to your case that will support your healing. I can prescribe herbs and supplements to support this, and we can monitor over time to make sure you are heading in the right direction.

Initial consultation: $465

Cost covers

  • Review of medical history and supporting documentation and preparation of reports (1 hour); followed by

  • One-on-one online appointment for case discussion and recommendations (1 hour); followed by

  • A written strategy, personal instructions, dietary guidelines, medications, and monitoring emailed directly to you (1 hour).

To book an appointment please contact me for an initial consultation form (request the cancer form if you have cancer) and email the completed form to me along with any test results required.






Follow-up consultations: $180


These consultations are for existing clients. Please contact me and request the Follow-up consultation form and email to me with any test results required. 







Informal consultations


Book using the calendar below if you would just like to chat with me about your case and concerns or see what I can do for you.

These consultations are not recommended for existing clients who require case consultation or review of health documents. Please do not send health documents for these appointments.

15 mins @ A$75

30 mins @ A$110

60 mins @ A$165

If you are managing a chronic condition or cancer, or if you simply need a dietary healing program that will work for you, then please download the consultation form and make an appointment.


My dietary programs take into account cleansing and regeneration. We need to meet both requirements to enable healing. The pace at which you travel is determined by what your body can accommodate - faster is not necessarily better. Healing takes time -  what you eat today becomes your cells of tomorrow. 

I also use herbal medicine and draw widely from my knowledge of both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western herbal medicine.

Free download 


Understanding what my cancer diagnosis means to me

It can be physically overwhelming to be diagnosed with cancer and then have to work it all out, particularly if it's hard to find someone you can trust.


Use this simple guide to start the ball rolling. Use the charts and surveys to collect your answers and know what treatments can and can't do for you.

If you still need help....then book in a time with me to help you navigate your journey. 

Book in with me

If you have a tricky case, or a wicked problem, or if you just want to see what I can do for you, then select your time and book in with me.


These consultations are NOT recommended for existing clients who require case consultation or review of health documents. Please do not send any health documents for these appointments.

Be mindful that in seeking my professional opinion, I can help you with your concerns but am unable to give specific dietary or supplement recommendations. For those seeking specific guidance and recommendations please request an initial consult form.  

15 mins - A$75              30 mins - A$110           60 mins - A$165

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